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Warning story contains F/m vore and scat u have been warned!!!

Megan was always tired of being the only girl in the clark family being teased and the boys alway using the washroom before her. today Megan wore pink belly top t-shirt, white skinny jeans and pink shoes. they all arrived home early when suddenly megan heard something she looked down, it was her stomach growling.

Megans mom also noticed and then megans mom suddenly grabbed megan startling her and takes her to her parents room, saying: "hun i know its hard to be the only girl, but i know an idea to get rid of the boys there is something called vore" megan was shocked and couldnt beleive it Megans mom said: Dont worry sweetie it'll come with practice. now who do u want to start with?" Megan gulped nervously, but she knew she wanted to start with tony the smallest one

Megan spoke up: i..guess Tony hes the smallest but how can i u know eat them?" Megans mom smiled at her, kissing her on the forehead: "dont worry i will help u" megans mom came down and asked for tony to come upstairs, he listened and followed her to her room she suddenly trapped tony in the room locking the door she looked at megan:"u ready hun?" tony was confused and scared Megan says: take off ur clothes" she was demanding and tony did.

Megan smiles and licks her lips hungrily megans mom came to her, megan opened her mouth and megans mom shoved tonys hands into her mouth making megan swallow fast, he was trying to get away but of no use her throat is too strong, she did a hard swallow reaching his stomach, her own starting to bloat megans mom stood there smiling she helped megan finish tony, she gulped the last of tony she felt him squirming inside her.

Megan belched loud: "BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPP. o god he was tasty" *she rubbed her gurgly belly feeling tony inside her she smiles looks at her mom, she says: go to sleep hun it'll help" megan nods, saying: thank u mom for teaching me" she gets up easily and hugs her, she went over to her bedroom, rubs her bloated belly: dont worry tony i 'stole' ur underwere. i'll poop u out in there" she couldnt help but giggle,lays down" mmm i wonder how my other brothers will taste?" she turned onto her belly making tony being crushed inside her then fell asleep.

*next morning*

Megan woke up her stomach is just a small bloat she smiled: mmm i can feel u in my intestines" she felt pressure in her bottom after a few hours she smirked: guess my little bro is ready" she started to get up letting a small fart: eew o well i can let the boys smell them later" she started grunting letting out tonys remains in her underwere her poop is 2 meters long she can feel it smiling: mmm that felt so good. i know mark will be next" she finally came out of her room her stomach now flat she was hungry again

My first spy Vore and scat comment and enjoy!!
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June 22, 2012
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